A fungus a day keeps the doctor away.

One man's meat is another man's poison.

Life on this planet is largely governed by that which cannot normally be seen by the unaided eye. With our unaided eyes, we cannot see the multitude of micro-organisms that are thriving all about us at every moment of every day, and we cannot see deep inside our own bodies where many micro-organisms may penetrate or may have even co-existed since birth. Included amongst these tiny organisms are fungi, whose microscopic spores can travel great distances through the air, even across oceans, and can survive many hostile, including toxic and anaerobic, environments.

While life at the top of the food chain is pretty good, it is not eternal. Although we may live our lives largely without fear of predators, other than perhaps our own kind, at every moment of every day our individual bodies are constantly being probed for weakness by vast armies of micro-organisms that govern life on this planet. This is not such a bad thing as it keeps our bodily defences active and always on the alert. Yet without many of these same organisms we may have never evolved as a species, and without them, especially as they also attack everything else on this planet, we may not survive as a species.

Fungi cause and cure cancer/canker.

Fungi cause and cure asthma.

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Disclaimer: The information contained herein should not be taken as medical advice. For all health-related issues, please consult your physician or a qualified mycotoxicologist.

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